Millennial-Age Consumers Care and Want to Know the Causes You Care About!


Millennial-age consumers- the generation comprising the primary bridal jewelry market – are both far more conscious of social responsibility than previous generations, and far more demanding that the companies they do business with behave responsibly and give back.

As good corporate citizenship is of increasing importance to these consumers it guides how they make decisions about where they are going to spend their dollars. According to the 2012 Cone Cause Evolution Cone, 94% of Americans would switch from one brand to another of comparable product and price if one were associated with a good cause. And, when choosing an issue to support, 91% of Americans believe it is important for companies to choose a cause that is important in the communities where they do business. (see

There’s a unique relationship between Africa and the international diamond and jewelry industry. With Africa being a continent rich in the natural resources that play a starring role in jewelry (diamonds, gemstones, silver, gold, platinum and more), the Diamond Empowerment Fund offers an unprecedented opportunity for the diamond jewelry industry to unite around the cause of making a positive difference through supporting education initiatives in African communities where diamonds are a natural resource.

We encourage designers, manufacturers, retailers and the entire international diamond jewelry industry to join our  cause and our mission through a variety of partnership opportunities including direct donations, sponsoring our events, creating, marketing and selling jewelry which benefits D.E.F. or a unique program tailored to fit your specific goals.

Cause and Effect: Reasons To Be a Part of D.E.F.

  • A diamond jewelry piece associated with D.E.F. speaks to the growing consciousness of the consumer, offering an excellent way to strengthen your brand’s image.
  • All diamond jewelry created for D.E.F. is Kimberley Process compliant and proactively giving back.
  • D.E.F. provides a high-profile platform for companies involved in the international diamond jewelry sector to develop a cause marketing program for their company that connects the consumer to fact that when they purchase items that are supporting D.E.F., they are helping empower Africans through education in the very regions where the precious resource of a diamond originated.  D.E.F. will partner with you to develop a cause strategy that is customized to your company’s interests, and will work with your marketing team to support its efforts to promote the connection with the cause.
  • D.E.F. provides a forum to reinforce the connection between the priceless qualities of a diamond — a rare and beautiful resource that is non-renewable — and the priceless, renewable resource of the human mind which continues to grow and renew though access to high quality education.