CIDA City Campus was established in 2000 In Johannesburg, as South Africa’s first non-profit university to offer a four year business degree (BBA), accessible to young women and men, with a program specifically designed to accommodate the educational and financial needs of these students.

CIDA City Campus sees the future of a prosperous South Africa in the potential of its people. It believes education has a vital role in unlocking that potential for the benefit of the individual student, their families, their communities and South Africa as a nation. CIDA graduates are sought after because CIDA City Campus embraces innovation for social change in its approach to both running the organization and delivering the academic curriculum, and thus embeds social awareness, ethical practices and creative thinking in the experience of the students.


“CIDA has opened our eyes to a new ways of thinking and supporting our young people in education. I am inspired by its extraordinary reach across our nation, and am proud to be associated with its vision.”

– Nelson Mandela


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